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PredictIt is an exciting new site that tests your knowledge of political and financial events by letting you make and trade predictions.

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Studies find that political prediction (betting). and called it with more certainty than

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Intrade, the once high-profile Irish online betting business that fell foul of US regulators following the last White House race, looks set to be wound up at a.

PredictWise aggregates, analyzes, and creates predictions on politics, sports, finance, and entertainment.Traders on the online market where people bet money on political contests had.Online bettors place last wagers on Obama,. another online betting site based in.A single trader lost millions betting on Mitt Romney on Intrade late.Intrade is an online exchange where members. and is watched closely by political insiders to gauge the.

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But on the predictions market InTrade, a stock-inspired betting.Founders of political wagering site Intrade are back with a new forum for electoral prognosticating, minus one big thing: the wagering.The Irish online betting site for events outside the sporting world announced last night that it will host no more trading.But the rise of online betting could threaten its contribution.

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International online betting website Intrade abrupty shut down on Sunday, saying it was investigating internal financial irregularities.But by making a market for political information, Intrade did create a potential temptation for insiders. - Futures Prediction Market? - AnandTech Forums

Intrade, the popular Ireland-based betting website that allowed people to wager on everything from political elections to the Oscars, announced Sunday that.In response to a lawsuit by the U.S. government, Intrade will now bar Americans from participating in its popular betting markets.Ron Bernstein, the co-founder of the popular online betting site Intrade, is re-launching another prediction marketplace in the U.S. called what events allow for wagering on politics and find the best online.But some junkies and journalists swear by Intrade, an online betting market where investors place. most political followers are glued to national and swing-state.

Launched in 2001 for betting on sports and the Dow Jones industrial average, Intrade opened its political markets in 2004.Intrade retreats from American. sued the company for allowing betting on the prices of.The Fall Of Intrade And The Business Of Betting On Real Life.

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At Intrade, visitors can bet real cash—but the company is located in Ireland, which has looser gambling laws.Online predictions exchange Intrade—known for its offbeat markets on presidential politics and the Academy Awards—said it would no longer accept bets made by U.S.The popular website Intrade allows its users to bet on the odds of almost anything — like whether Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will get ousted by a.

Instantly it was very difficult for Americans to use their credit cards to bet sports online.Now Intrade is more than just a place where people win or lose money.

The digital currency bitcoin -- once used to facilitate online drug deals -- now appears to be enabling people to get around regulations banning online.Next Submission. The Dublin-based prediction market site Intrade let users bet money on whom they.Just as online platforms are pushing aside evocative, casino-based settings, they themselves are starting to face big.

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If you want a better read on who is likely to win the presidency next year, disregard the blizzard of polling data.Winning the future: Alternatives to InTrade. The Dublin-based online prediction market InTrade announced late Sunday that. offers wagers on domestic politics.Online betting figures for 2017. chairman of Spanish online gambling trade. in-depth coverage of the events shaping our world from conflicts to politics,.The White House has cleared the way for states to legalize online poker.Betting sites see record wagering on US presidential election.A controversial online betting site called InTrade abruptly shut down on Sunday, according to a memo posted by its board of directors.

In 1999, Irish entrepreneur John Delaney founded an online betting company.Ireland-based operators of Intrade, an online prediction market. Related: Betting on politics - and getting it right.

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Legally betting on politics is one of those intriguing niches within the gambling industry.

Another surprising finding from the study: Trader A aside, political betting seems to be much more static than other trading markets.

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