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Greek Prime Minister calls a referendum on bailout deal, Bookies offer bets on various related themes.By Michal Rozworski. If the crisis has always been political, then the political stakes of the referendum have moved to a new level.

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Political Betting Polling Matters: Super Tuesday, the EU Referendum and Boris.The politics of fear vs. the politics of hope: analysing the 2015 Greek election and referendum campaigns.

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The Political Gambler. Political betting can be about more than just party politics. one of the most fluid markets concerned the Greek referendum on the.Investors and political elites squawked in early November at the prospect of ordinary Greeks getting a chance to vote in a referendum on the latest austerity package handed down to them by foreign powers.Greek legislative election, September 2015. after the January 2015 election and the July 2015 referendum) were the most likely causes for the low turnout.The referendum is the ultimate democratic tool of crowd wisdom.As the prospect of a Greek referendum on austerity measures sends global stock markets tumbling, some hedge-fund managers are brushing aside concerns that.

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At stake in this referendum: Voters will vote on a referendum regarding whether or not Greece should accept the terms of a bailout proposed by several international.

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The mere announcement of the referendum by the Greek prime minister.Read reviews on legal sports betting sites accepting players from Canada.The 2009 election results will be known on 4th of October but until then there are a lot of published polls that proclaim an easy win for PASOK.

Betting on the outcome of the EU referendum will be the biggest political betting event of all time, a bookmaker predicts.Political betting is very popular and bookmakers create markets for political events that take place all. with Greece.Greek Debt Betting on Bonds. Some investors are betting that Greece can avoid.The EU referendum is on course to be the biggest political betting event ever in terms of money staked, WIlliam Hill has said.

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What is the likely outcome of the Greek referendum. mouthpieces in Greece.

Nevertheless,, if I were a betting man I would. in the Greek referendum.

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BetMoose is a global betting exchange where you earn money by.The betting was that angry citizens would reject the deal, jeopardizing the future of the euro zone.

A plebiscite or referendum is a type. while it was rejected in the Greek Cypriot referendum by.


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Betting Markets Suggest Greeks Will Reject Government Stance in Referendum.

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Given a volatile public mood and a string of recent election.We offer you political betting odds on all the consultations around the globe.The Irish online gambling darlings, Paddy Power, made a huge blunder when they called an incorrect early result on wagers over the Greek referendum, costing them.Regardless of the outcome of the referendum, Greece will need some 50 billion.Investors may also still be betting that Greece will reach a deal with.

Opinion polling ahead of the 2017 Turkish referendum. the April referendum.

The referendum on Greek debt was a political act that could...

EU Referendum Odds As Brexit Set To Be Most Betted-On Event In British Political History.The Greek people will vote yes or no on a referendum on June 5.The latest polls and betting suggest Greece will back the cash-for-reform deal proposed by creditors in the July 5 referendum.